Our philosophy is to clean everything. Other companies may only clean the dirt they see. We pick up every item, dust every surface, move any furniture that two people can safely move. Listed below is a standard cleaning.
* Tile walls, bathtubs, and showers cleaned
* Vanity and sink area
* Mirrors and chrome fixtures shined
* Furniture surfaces wiped
* Knicknacks dusted
* Fronts of cabinets
* Baseboards and window sills wiped
* Vacuum and hand washing of floors 
* All appliances wiped down
* Inside and outside of microwave
* Fronts of cabinets
* All kitchen furniture wiped down
* All knicknacks wiped
* Baseboards and windowsills wiped down
* Floor is vacuumed and washed
Living Areas
* Cobwebs removed
* Doors and doorframes dusted
* Baseboards and windowsills dusted
* Ceiling fans
* Pictures frames and knicknacks dusted
* Stairs vacuumed
* Furniture vacuumed
* Beds made
* Garbage taken out throughout home